h o n o u r a b l e

PLOT SUMMARY: Make Your Own Taste sums up the year in music. E GONE gets an honourable mention. 

Best of 2014 according to DAYZ

A:T:S:O:T:E makes it to Dayz of Purple and Oranges best-of-2014-list. Thank you.

“it all started to crystallize”

“Westerlund’s album is a fine achievement; he’s mastered a number of types of composition, but he’s mixing the best of contemporary styles with perfectly reproduced vintage production touches and musical styles. This album is a lot of fun and is one of the best psych submissions I’ve received.”

Allister Thompson of MAKE YOUR OWN TASTE reviews A:T:S:O:T:E. 






Sea of Tranquility offers this short but positive review of A:T:S:O:T:E.

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“Superlative solo album from The Goners’ Daniel Westerlund covers a lot of space over the course of a record—from astrally inclined folk, ambient to raga expeditions. It holds together quite beautifully too. It definitely has a bite of Scandinavian chill about it, but the overall feeling is the same warm wooziness of OS favourite Papa M’s ‘Live From a Shark’s Cave.’ There is no higher compliment! All housed in the usual high standard SOB packaging. Great to see them coming out of the gate with a strong set of releases. Essential!”

- Optical Sounds reviews All the Suns of the Earth in their latest issue.


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