“…a treasure trove of diamonds and pearls”

“Being both a first-rate singer songwriter and a highly travelled music explorer he brings new life and vitality into both the world of folk and post rock. Assembling a discography to improve anyone’s music collection, whether he goes by The Goner or E-Gone, Daniel Westerlund builds worlds, inhabits them and then allows you to holiday there. The intrepid are urged to pack their bags and set sale…”


Colourhorizon continues its unprecedented exploration of E GONEs (The Goners) back catalogue with a lengthy review of H.H. here.

E GONE speaks! An interview


E GONE live april 2014

E GONE live april 2014

The Blog That Celebrates Itself from São Paulo, Brazil, interviews E GONE right here

This place is vibrant



“Daniel Westerlund has presented us with a really beguiling record. The way he managed to fuse tribal rhythms with elements of house music, as some sort of backdrop for the mad splattering of oriental instrumentation, country- and folk music, makes ‘All the Suns of the Earth’ a fascinating album that continues to captivate my mind. It’s a very specific record that doesn’t always land with me, but – in all honesty – once it does land, it makes my mind transcend to a world far away from the harsh realities of life.” 

- Robert Westerveld reviews ALL THE SUNS OF THE EARTH for Arctic Drones.

Read the full story here.

Everything’s Alright Forever vol. 4


Traveler You Will Sing is part of the excellent new compilation from Everything’s Alright Forever. Listen!

Captain SIB’s Psychedelic Freakout


E GONE, in some excellent company, is featured on Captain SIBs Psychedelic Freakout this week. Listen in.

“… grab your battle-axe and head into the mists…”


The vinyl release of All the Suns of the Earth has made this inquiring gentleman to review parts of E GONEs back catalogue. Check out his review of The Goners Behold A New Traveler and Bitemarks. I’m very happy to see these releases come to life. Behold A New Traveler is still available here. And Bitemarks is a free download release. For more info on The Goner, click here.

Chromaticism reviews All the Suns of the Earth

“Traversing the ley-lines from Nepal to Alabama, alighting to absorb at all stops along the way, the sheer dexterity and eclecticism is simply stunning.”

Full review here!


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