Sea of Tranquility offers this short but positive review of A:T:S:O:T:E.

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“Superlative solo album from The Goners’ Daniel Westerlund covers a lot of space over the course of a record—from astrally inclined folk, ambient to raga expeditions. It holds together quite beautifully too. It definitely has a bite of Scandinavian chill about it, but the overall feeling is the same warm wooziness of OS favourite Papa M’s ‘Live From a Shark’s Cave.’ There is no higher compliment! All housed in the usual high standard SOB packaging. Great to see them coming out of the gate with a strong set of releases. Essential!”

- Optical Sounds reviews All the Suns of the Earth in their latest issue.


The second live transmission from Mount E GONE will take place in Stockholm on Thursday the 27th of November. Check Facebook for details.

bewilders, confuses

“What Westerlund has given us is an immensely satisfying LP that wears it’s influences and musical loves proudly on it’s sleeve. It is ambitious and grand whilst avoiding sounding pretentious and over-reaching.”

Dayz of Purple and Orange reviews A:T:S:O:T:E. 


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