All the Suns of the Earth vinyl pre-order




ALL THE SUNS OF THE EARTH is now available for pre-order!


The first ten orders gets a signed artwork. Get it while it’s hot.


… (All the Suns of the Earth) shows Westerlund to be a restless, inquisitive soul with a tendency to dabble in more genres than most would deem safe, but where the dalliances of other solo artists tend to be hesitant when left to their own devices, Westerlund is always in full control of his creations. Attempting to affix labels to music this diverse is likely to make your head spin, but within its running time you’ll find plenty of exotic, eastern fueled psychedelic rock, ominous, droning synth ambience, carefully layered, crystalline examples of (what is now unfashionable to call) post-rock and a couple of European tinged slices of Americana that call to mind the best work of Sixteen Horsepower and the Tallest Man on Earth.The Active Listener
  … eclectic is hardly the word whilst understatement doesn’t seem to feature much in the vocabulary either. Banjos, sitars, raga and surf guitars and farfisa organ assail the sonic antennae and that’s just track one, the outrageously wonderful “Hexx”. Weird electronica follows in the barely corporeal form of “The Drug Behind The Drug” while “The Poor of Heart” further confounds any attempt at pigeon-holing our artist with an emotive helping of folksy, acoustic balladry. Bewildering, indeed, and this is just the first three tracks from nine … taken as a whole, this is an enjoyably eccentric and quite compelling little offering that is well worth taking a punt on.Terrascope

Blind Tribe video release


The vinyl version of ALL THE SUNS OF THE EARTH is soon upon us. Stay tuned.


E GONE vinyl

A:T:S:O:T:E news bulletin


Sunrise Ocean Bender sent this photo. The test pressing of All the Suns of the Earth has arrived. Looks delicious from where I’m sitting.

the tribe is most certainly blind

e gone blind tribe video excerpt

tumblr, yes.


E GONEs tumblr is here. It can’t be all about music, and this tumblr page mostly isn’t. #bookfinds #sites #visualramblings

Live photos from Klubb Gordon 14th of April 2014

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Photos by Thorbjörn Skoglund.


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