“It would be downright insidious if it didn’t sound so cool.”

“… on first listen I was fairly baffled by what seems to be a confoundingly diverse set of 9 songs. But after the second listen I was intrigued, and a few more listens later I’ve decided that Westerlund has created something quite different.”

Aural Innovations reviews All the Suns of the Earth here.

The goneph

“Now the E GONE symbol is become a supra-alphabetical character, the goneph.

One aspect of the goneph may be observed in the Blind Tribe video exercise. Each time the goneph appears, all meaning is ‘drawn away and inward toward the other,’ and access to the visual image is denied. Thus the title, Blind Tribe.

The goneph is a gesture that opens all the way and closes all the way. It is a valve.”

- D.G.

“…a treasure trove of diamonds and pearls”

“Being both a first-rate singer songwriter and a highly travelled music explorer he brings new life and vitality into both the world of folk and post rock. Assembling a discography to improve anyone’s music collection, whether he goes by The Goner or E-Gone, Daniel Westerlund builds worlds, inhabits them and then allows you to holiday there. The intrepid are urged to pack their bags and set sale…”


Colourhorizon continues its unprecedented exploration of E GONEs (The Goners) back catalogue with a lengthy review of H.H. here.

E GONE speaks! An interview


E GONE live april 2014

E GONE live april 2014

The Blog That Celebrates Itself from São Paulo, Brazil, interviews E GONE right here

This place is vibrant



“Daniel Westerlund has presented us with a really beguiling record. The way he managed to fuse tribal rhythms with elements of house music, as some sort of backdrop for the mad splattering of oriental instrumentation, country- and folk music, makes ‘All the Suns of the Earth’ a fascinating album that continues to captivate my mind. It’s a very specific record that doesn’t always land with me, but – in all honesty – once it does land, it makes my mind transcend to a world far away from the harsh realities of life.” 

- Robert Westerveld reviews ALL THE SUNS OF THE EARTH for Arctic Drones.

Read the full story here.

Everything’s Alright Forever vol. 4


Traveler You Will Sing is part of the excellent new compilation from Everything’s Alright Forever. Listen!

Captain SIB’s Psychedelic Freakout


E GONE, in some excellent company, is featured on Captain SIBs Psychedelic Freakout this week. Listen in.


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