Sunrise Ocean Bender reviews ALL THE SUNS OF THE EARTH



Things are moving faster now. About a week ago I received a nice batch of copies of ALL THE SUNS OF THE EARTH from Deep Water. And yesterday evening I was notified of one of the most well-crafted reviews I’ve read on my artistic efforts -> SUNRISE OCEAN BENDERs wonderful piece on the record.

ALL THE SUNS OF THE EARTH is so fresh of the printers it isn’t really available yet. But stay tuned, it will be – at the dawn of 2014 most likely. I’m extremely happy with how the record turned out, both with Kevin Moists mastering and the quality of the cover + insert + cd printing.

Bonus: I wasn’t aware, but it is quite fitting, that the phrase “All the Suns of the Earth” appears in this 19th century anthem on Australia. Fitting in that it becomes all the more clear that almost all the continents of the earth have influenced the record in one way or the other.