Vinyl version of A.T.S.O.T.E. announced



They have a beautiful setting over there, Sunrise Ocean Bender Records, they’re a freshly squeezed blood orange, chock-full of vitamins, vital, gets you going; and with the color scheme of a sunrise in their heads. So here’s the story: Kevin McFadin (along with Robert Efurd) has decided to let his radio DJing – which in itself showcases not only his excellent taste in music but also in a way the direction of Sunrise Ocean Bender Records – progress to the next logical step: creation (+ the radio show Sunrise Ocean Bender is still ON).

Two forthcoming releases have been announced. One by the majesty of Evening Fires. The second by yours truly; a vinyl version of All the Suns of the Earth.

Feels great to be aboard this ship and I’m real excited to see the record take form in this version.