Dear Egonist —

This is a long one. And apologies in advance for sending out two The Egonists in one month. 

For some time now the GONEPH RESEARCH UNIT (G.R.U.) has clandestinely been working with, meditating on and trying to decipher the symbol which has come to be known as the goneph.

The goneph predates E GONE, it predates The Goner, and it was first seen by D.W. during trance states back in 2002. It’s meaning has never been fully understood, hence the birth of G.R.U.. Now, we feel that the time has come to reveal fragments of our findings to the public and simultaneously invite you – the egonist – to become part of a project which we have named the GONEPH RESEARCH UNIT OUTREACH PROGRAM (G.R.U.O.P.)

This means that we welcome all material – words, visuals, sounds – which somehow relates to the goneph, that is: which somehow relates to your interpretations and examinations of this symbol; that is: anything that somehow presents itself as an answer to the question: “What is the goneph?” THE QUESTION IS FULLY OPEN. Understand that we are all novices at this stage, for a thorough research into the mysteries of the goneph has never been conducted before. 

All relevant material will become part of a book (with a music/sound companion), simply titled THE GONEPH.

If you are interested in participating but don’t know where to start, may we suggest the playlist of color studies recently published on E GONEs youtube channel?

You can also read excerpts from our ongoing work “THE GONEPH – NOTES ON THE TEETH OF THE KEY” here.

Submit your work to this e-mail adress. Send larger files via dropbox or something similar. Thank you. As of now – there is no deadline. We’ll give it at least a year.

Blessed be with blessed-bes –




The first time the goneph presented itself in a trance induced vision THIS ALBUM was playing at a very high volume in headphones. Beware – it might change your life.