We remained purely initiatic for our openness to causation was volitionally imposed. It was not a form of discriminating magical organization, not at such a lower form of level, anyway.

To perceive the structure is to be aware of the fact that we are constant yet not resigned. Unable to renounce this passion called pure initiation.

Our interest in magic lies in the prior history of man, philosophically more or less dimly perceived.

We possess the vocabulary but in fact the universe may not at all be a book which greatly impress us. This due to its incapacity. A pseudo-initiatic organization. Our universe is the the hyper-structure we perceive it to be. It is a mixture of human books and colossal metaabstractions that finally will end all study.

The strangest form of phenomenon. Subsumed to its environment. It is not a thing in its truest sense.

The following line of reasoning is an experienced relationship which our normal cognition fails without discontinuation.

Intelligence at these levels is the instrumentation for realizing and accepting the word. Such structures cannot be a universe, strictly speaking as a pre-existent idea. And no one can see the hierarchy of ideas.

No human language system has the proper grades. These theoretical explorations make themselves members of the manifestations.

Time and space is governed by the western spirit, but of course we do not have to occupy ourselves with this. We will just fail endlessly.