1. The reward is instantaneous for the abstinent.

2. Only if you withdraw from yourself will you be able to believe in your own future.

3. Suspension in mid-air over an abyss is preferable to almost anything on offer.

4. There is not only a second heart, but also a third.

5. All relevant music revolves around the question of why we should not be here.

6. Do not look for the means of escape, but for the means of disappearance.

7. There is a simple truth, even if you don’t have the ability to express it yet.

8. You will miss yourself least of all.

9. You are always on the brink of becoming the only noise in a room with a potential for total stillness.

10. We make music in order to rid ourselves of the impulse to make music. After the metronome, only the heartbeat.

11. The camera lens is the frontier soldier of futility.

12. If your lungs seems to be serving several disjointed bodies at once: self starvation will center you.

13. Live on water, tomatoes and pomegranates and your heart will become the one true lung.

14. Every handwritten word unties a knot in your mind.

15. A greater courage awaits you in silence.

16. If silence is not a friend to you, what hurts you is forced to continue.

17. There is a treasure chest in the closet beneath the staircase, but you can’t open it, not now and not for a hundred years.

18. Your mind is an underwater cave. Act accordingly.

19. You are forever kidnapped by yourself. Your ability to disappear is the ransom money. Make a deal.

20. Not only slaves will go to the seashore to lash out at the waves.

21. To tell the truth is to time travel.

22. And while the hours pass like pale ghosts you must rediscover the eroticism of the soil.

23. Remember the period of waiting and growing and how you weren’t expecting to be asked. That was because you held all the questions.