1. E GONE – birthed sometime during the autumn of 2012 – is a platform for solo artist D. B. West.

2.1. There are two kinds of philosophy; the first examines the world from the viewpoint of the traveler, the second from a resting point in a certain locality.
E GONE belongs to the latter.

2.2. That being said – examining the world from “a resting point in a certain locality” can be perceived as a form of journey.

2.3. The body is your foremost locality. Wherever your mind is – that’s the second. Be careful where you locate your mind. Suggested reading: The Shallows by Nicholas Carr. 

3. Reach E GONE at eegonee (at) gmail.com

4. Remnants of the past.

5. I’m of the mind that collaboration is the fastest way to grow. Tandem Bridges is one (with Anita Livstrand).

6. “Now the E GONE symbol is become a supra-alphabetical character, the goneph. One aspect of the goneph may be observed in the Blind Tribe video exercise. Each time the goneph appears, all meaning is ‘drawn away and inward toward the other,’ and access to the visual image is denied. Thus the title, Blind Tribe. The goneph is a gesture that opens all the way and closes all the way. It is a valve.” – D.G.

7. Communiquè #1: Janitor of the Heart, Remember